July 30th 2015

RYMCO Donation To The Children Cancer Center Of Lebanon

RYMCO Donation To The Children Cancer Center Of Lebanon

CCCL Donation

As part of its corporate social responsibility activities, and under the frame of “Our hero supporting little heroes”, Rasamny Younis Motor Company (RYMCO) offered a check to the Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon, with a sum of money collected from the sale of the new Nissan Patrol, a result of a donation campaign launched back in September 2014.

Nissan Patroldonation campaignwas initiated in the summer of 2014 and aimed to collect the amount of $1000for every sale of a new Nissan Patrol to help contribute in thetreatment of children from the center and to share hope and draw smiles on their innocent faces.

RYMCO employees visited the Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon and handed over the first check from Nissan Patrol to the kids. The employeesenjoyed spending quality time with the kids, celebratingsome birthdays, singing and playing. At the end, Rymco employees distributed surprise gifts to the childrenat the center.

“This small contribution falls under RYMCO’s core values and we are very proud to be able to spread hope and sharesmiles with the kids today at the CCCL” said Fayez C. Rasamny, Chairman of RYMCO.

The Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon (CCCL) is a center pioneering in the treatment of children with cancer. With a mission of hope and a healthy future, children are treated free of charge, with no cost. Inaugurated in April 2002, CCCL treated over 1000 children with an average cure rate of 80%.

This is just the first phase of the donation, RYMCO will be visiting the CCCL once again when the second batch of the Nissan Patrol 2015 vehicles is sold.