December 8th 2016

Lada, A Rugged Winter Weather Solution

Lada, A Rugged Winter Weather Solution

The winter season has arrived, and it won’t be long until the ice and snow settles down and the news forecast presenters start to use words like “chaos” and “severe” to describe the events occurring on the Lebanese roads.

With the increase of harsh weather conditions and the promising season, the need for a rugged and solid car is becoming more and more popular in the Lebanese market, as winter tires are, especially in mountainous areas and villages. Luckily, for anyone who is currently looking after a new car that’s useable in the most extreme conditions and not willing to pay a premium for it, in comparison to its segment’s counterparts, there’s a solution, and it comes directly from Russia, where vehicles need to be rugged and tough enough to survive.

Straight to Lebanon through its exclusive authorized dealers, Rasamny-Younis Motor Company S.A.L. (RYMCO) reinforced its leading position in the automotive sector by announcing the dealership acquisition of LADA cars in Lebanon earlier this year.

“Established in the early sixties, LADA has steadily grown throughout the years. This encouraged RYMCO to proceed with the acquisition, offering the Lebanese market a wider range of reliable automotive choices in severe weather conditions”. Said Mr. Fayez Rasamny, CEO of RYMCO.

So whoever worries about our road conditions during the winter season, there’s one simple solution: Lada, with its models Kalina, Granta, and 4x4 Urban, along with other members of the Lada family, who are made for conditions far worse than our winter might bring, with chassis and tuning that reflects trust on snowy, icy, and unpaved roads.

The Lada line up is available in the Jal-El-Dib showroom and Chiyah, and throughout the sub dealers.