February 4th 2019

Nissan sales grow 17% in 2018

Nissan sales grow 17% in 2018

While the Lebanese automotive market dropped 11.44% overall in 2018, according to a report by the Association of Automobile Importers (AIA), NISSAN witnessed unprecedented growth during the same period, with its sales hiking up 17%.

It was a record year for the Japanese automaker that claimed the #1 market share across multiple vehicle categories in the country, thanks to the impressive performance of its X-Trail, Kicks and Micra models.

Nissan now holds the largest share of the SUV market in Lebanon, with 14.36% market share. The X-Trail leads the compact SUV segment, while the Nissan Kicks has risen to first place in the crossover’s category. But that’s not all: its smallest vehicle, the Micra, has proven to be its biggest contender in 2018, overtaking other brands in its class, just a few months after its launch.

“RYMCO’s vision is to be the country’s market leader across all levels. That is no small target, but we’ve achieved it in 2018 and will continue to strive for it in the future, by offering our customers unparalleled brands, sales and after-sales services,” said Fayez Rasamny, Chairman of RYMCO, Nissan’s official dealer in Lebanon. “We will always be committed to enhancing the customer experience, and that’s what sets us apart,” he added.